Fromage Fashion Week

Fromage Fashion Week

Dateline: Isigny-Sur-Mer and Paris, September 27 2015.

While proud of its territorial heritage, Isigny Sainte-Mère cooperative has always set great store by innovation and novelty. So it  was only to be expected that Isigny Sainte-Mère should take part in the first edition of Fashion Fromage Week (Cheese Fashion Week) on September 27 at Sofitel Le Faubourg (Paris, 8ème).

Running  in parallel with the fourth  Fête de la Gastronomie (September 21-27) and on the fringe of Fashion Week (September 29), La Fromage Fashion Week bridged the gap between food and fashion.  Led by Mounia and her Cheese Girls, supported by three-star chef Yannick Alléno, the event celebrated the jewels of French cheese.

The Isigny Sainte-Mère Cooperative has been making internationally famous butters, creams and cheeses for more than 80 years. For the first time in Paris cheesemaking rubbed shoulders with fashion. It was an event that Isigny Sainte-Mère could not miss!

Gathered to celebrate French know-how and excellence, Isigny Sainte-Mère presented its cheeses on a buffet staffed by the élite of France’s cheese industry drawn from the ranks of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (France’s Best Workers). This prestigious national body selects one ambassador per trade every three years, in a fiercely-contested selection process. The Isigny Sainte-Mère cheeses were in their element, among such a glittering showcase for national achievements.