Our product ranges

Our products for nursing infants and toddlers

Our calling is to offer the best standard or special infant powder milk products:

Classic, conventional and organic infant formula milks.

produits pour nourrissons, bébés et jeunes enfants


Our products for adults

Formula milks to meet specific needs throughout adult life.


Nos produits lait en poudre pour adultes

Adult nutrition

  • Milk powder for pregnant women
  • Milk powder for senior citizens
  • Products for sports and training
  • Products for malnourished people

Our tailor-made services for your requirement

We can manufacture your product to your formula with your branding.

We can create a formula and manufacture your product with your branding.

We can invite you to consider a partnership, selling our Babyboom formula.

Packaging formats

Les conditionnements

  • Metal tins(400g / 900g)
  • Boxed scahets
  • 25 kg bags
  • Big-bags