Q & A

Une vache et son veau sous un arbre en fleurs

Do you have a lot of questions about our Cooperative, about our terroir, about our products, such as how to store them, how to eat them, where to buy them?

See our frequently asked questions on this page:

  • Products

  • Can I eat cheese if I’m on a vegetarian diet?

  • Can I eat your products if I am pregnant?

  • Are your products suitable for freezing? And for how long?

  • How long do your products keep in the fridge after opening?

  • Where can we find your products in France?

  • Where can we find your celebration range?

  • How do you choose a Camembert cheese according to ripeness?

  • Why aren’t all your Camemberts hand-moulded?

  • What does “EU origin milk” mean on the packaging of your pressurised Chantilly-type Cream and why does it say “made in Belgium”?

  • What is the “annatto” in your Mimolette cheese?

  • What is the origin of the E471 used in your pressurised Chantilly-type cream?

  • Why don’t all your products have a list of ingredients on their packaging?

  • What is the difference between the percentage (%) of fat in “total weight” and “dry extract” given on the cheese packaging?

  • Livestock farming

  • What breed of cows do your milk producers have?

  • Do the cows graze all year round?

  • How are your producers’ cows fed?

  • Tourism questions

  • What are the opening hours of the Cooperative’s “La Fromagerie” shop?

  • Where and when can I buy Isigny Sainte-Mère ice cream?

  • What flavours of ice cream do you offer?

  • Can we visit your production site?