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Caramel dairy ice cream

Caramel dairy ice cream


Two litres of milk

500ml pouring cream

200g granulated sugar

One vanilla pod

Pinch of salt


Put the 200g of sugar in a heavy pan and make a light golden caramel. Add the milk, cream and vanilla pod, which needs to be split in two and scraped to extract the flesh. Set the pan to reduce the mixture to one litre, remove from the heat, take out the vanilla pod skin and fill the sorbetière, before  setting it to work.

Serve the ice cream with either caramelised apples as if making a tarte Tatin; or baked apples with sablé biscuits topped with lemon zest; or simple dried apple slices.

*A sorbetière or ice cream maker chills and mixes the ingredients for ice cream, ensuring that ice crystals are broken up so that the finished ice cream has a smooth texture. There are several formats, ranging from kitchen mixer attachments that are transferred into a freezer to all-in-one blending and chilling devices. Hiring a professional grade ice cream machine from a party supplies company may well be preferable to buying a very specialised piece of kit.


Preparation time
90 mn