The Isigny Sainte-Mère ice cream season is back!

4 July 2024

Food lovers take note: our famous ice creams are back!

With the arrival of warmer weather, Isigny Sainte-Mère’s famous Glaces à la Crème are making a comeback. Made from the Normandy cream for which our Cooperative is renowned the world over, our ice creams are true moments of sweetness and indulgence. And this year, there’s something new to enhance your taste experience!

Goodbye paper pots, hello cones and wafer pots!

As part of our drive to reduce waste, we’ve decided to do away with cardboard tubs. From now on, all our delicious ice creams are served in cones or wafer pots. More ecological and even tastier!

Flavors to try and combine!

We offer a range of flavors to delight young and old alike: Caramel d’Isigny, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. And to enhance your ice creams in wafer jars, try our gourmet coulis: Caramel d’Isigny au beurre salé, chocolate, or strawberry. Enough to create and test your favorite recipes (almost) endlessly!

Where and when can you enjoy our ice creams?

As our regular customers already know, you can enjoy our ice creams in Isigny-sur-Mer, Calvados. You’ll find them at Les Halles d’Isigny, daily from 11am to 7pm until the october vacations, and at La Fromagerie d’Isigny, Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm until September 1st.

A gourmet tour of Isigny-sur-Mer

As well as sampling our ice creams, take the opportunity to discover or rediscover the Halles d’Isigny and the Fromagerie d’Isigny, freshly renovated to welcome you in the best possible conditions. It’s the perfect opportunity to savour local produce and spend some quality time with family and friends in the Normandy sunshine!
So, what are you waiting for to treat yourself to our ice creams? This summer, create memories and let yourself be tempted by a gourmet experience at Isigny-sur-Mer!

Enfant qui tient une glace à la crème dans ses mains