Our Churned Butter

With its gentle notes of hazelnut and cream, this butter is churned in the traditional way.

It is the slow maturing process that allows the cream to develop all its aromas and sensory qualities.

It is left to rest for 16 to 18 hours, then churned respecting traditional methods to ensure the formation of beautiful non-uniform and meltingly soft butter grains.

Trois crêpes dans une assiette avec une noisette de beurre, avec une plaquette de beurre et un pot sucre


  • It has a beautiful golden “buttercup” appearance
  • It has a creamy texture and an enhanced flavour
  • Naturally softer, this Butter is easy to spread
  • It has fragrant notes
  • It comes as a moulded block of unsalted butter or salted with Guérande sea salt crystals.

Did you know? Butter lovers are known to freeze this “spring butter” so they can enjoy it all year round. Freezing does not alter the sensory qualities of the butter in any way.