Our unsalted and our salted PDO Isigny Butter

Our PDO Isigny Butter is made exclusively from the finest milks in the Isigny region, which are exceptionally rich in fat, protein and vitamins

Naturally rich in iodine, vitamin A and carotenoids, PDO Isigny Butter is distinguished by its beautiful “buttercup” colour and its taste is dominated by gentle notes of hazelnut and cream.

It is available in a range of formats and packaging for both professional and private customers: butter sheets for making pastry, moulded, blocks, rolls or individual portions.

The PDO guarantees

  • Cows that graze for at least 7 months of the year and receive at least 20% grass in their winter diet
  • An expansive dairy model with at least 3,500 square metres per cow (of which at least 2,000 square metres are pasture)
  • A minimum of 30% Normande-breed dairy cows in the total herd
  • Milk collected within 48 hours of milking
  • Milk collected locally, within a 35 km area around Isigny-sur-Mer (175 municipalities)
  • Butter made according to a traditional production process in the designation area
  • Preserved know-how, with the cream slowly matured for 16 to 18 hours using traditional methods
  • A butter with a natural ivory to “buttercup” yellow colour and a hazelnut and cream flavour
  • A butter that contains no stabilisers or colourings
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