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Chocolate spiral pancakes with almond cream

Chocolate spiral pancakes with almond cream


The almond cream :

60 g softened Isigny Sainte-Mère Butter

75 g icing sugar

75 g almond powder

1 egg


The pancake batter :

300 g flour

3 eggs

30 g caster sugar

50 cl milk

2 tablespoons bitter cocoa powder


The almond cream.

Pour the Isigny Sainte-Mère butter and the icing sugar into a mixing bowl. Use a spatula to mix into a smooth batter.

Add the almond powder and mix again using the spatula.

Finish by adding the egg. Keep in the fridge.


The chocolate spiral pancakes.

Mix the flour, the eggs and the caster sugar, then add the milk gradually while whisking.

Pour about 200 g of this mix into a second mixing bowl and add the cocoa powder.

Pour the chocolate mix into a sauce bottle (optional).

Heat a pan (22 cm) with a little oil. Hold the bottle vertically and gently squeeze to make a spiral. If you don’t have a sauce bottle, use a soup spoon.

Wait for the chocolate batter to cook, then pour a small ladle full of the plain pancake batter over it and continue to cook as usual.

Repeat, using the rest of the batter.


Spread the pancakes with a fine layer of almond cream, and roll them up.

4 p (12 pancakes)

Preparation time
30 mn

Cooking time
30 mn