Eton Mess with melon, caramelised pistachios and Crème d’Isigny crème fraîche


  1. Bring the water to the boil with the sugar in a cast iron pan. Add the pistachios, simmer and stir continuously with a wooden spatula for 20 minutes. The sugar will turn pale and then caramelise. Add the butter and stir again.
    Pour the mixture onto greaseproof paper, spreading it into a thin layer, and leave to cool.
    Use a food processor to blend 250 g of melon with 25 g of icing sugar to obtain a melon coulis. Crush the meringues and dice the remaining 250 g of melon.

    Whip the cream with the remaining icing sugar until thick. Using a spatula, combine the meringue pieces with the whipped cream.

    Serve the dessert in small glasses, alternating the cream mixture, the coulis and the melon cubes. Garnish with the caramelised pistachios.

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