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Large marinated langoustines with asparagus and cream

Large marinated langoustines with asparagus and cream


  • Eight large fresh langoustines, raw
  • A dozen green asparagus spears
  • 150ml Isigny Sainte-Mère crème fraîche
  • The grated zest from a quarter of a lime
  • 3cl olive oil
  • Two or three pinches of curry powder
  • One and a half sheets of gelatine
  • Fine table salt and freshly ground pepper to season


Cook the asparagus in boiling water and take them off the heat and chill rapidly.

Peel the langoustines, clean them and chop them thickly. Stir the rounds of langoustine into a bowl with the olive oil, a little bit of curry powder, the lime zest, salt and pepper.

During this time, soften the gelatine, then melt it in the Isigny Sainte-Mère crème fraîche. Season it, let it set and cut into little cubes to look like coconut.

Once the langoustines start to lighten with the action of the salt, lay out your plates tidily, decorating them with a trace of oil from the marinade. Add a little more zested lime, decorate the langoustine chunks with the white cubes of Isigny Sainte-Mère crème fraîche, a few leaves of chervil and croutons.

Serve this entrée cold, but not icy


Preparation time
20 mn

Cooking time
25 mn