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Saint Paulin spring rolls

Saint Paulin spring rolls


  • One finely sliced carrot (cut into matchsticks/julienne*)
  • One finely sliced leek (cut into matchsticks/julienne*)
  • One finely sliced courgette (cut into matchsticks/julienne*)
  • 40g of smoked streaky bacon, finely cubed
  • 150g of Saint Paulin cheese cut into 5mm cubes
  • Four sheets of bick pastry
  • Four sheets of sushi seaweed
  • Fine salt and freshly ground pepper to season
  • Oil and butter for the cooking


Brown the julienne-sliced vegetables in a saucepan with a bit of butter: add the diced bacon once the vegetables are cooked, adjust the seasoning and set aside to drain. Once drained and cool, add the cubes of Saint Paulin, then form four sushi rolls, cutting each one  into three.


Then wrap a strip of brick pastry around each sushi piece, to cover half the roll. Fry them in a pan with some oil until the brick pastry is crisp and crunchy. Turn out on to a piece of kitchen towel to soak up any excess fat and serve immediately.


*Julienne 4mm matchsticks can be cut with a julienne cutter mounted on a kitchen mandolin: this will work for the carrot and the courgette, but not the leek, for which a  sharp knife will be needed.

4 persons

Preparation time
15 mn

Cooking time
15 mn