Our Cheese specialties

Our Normandy Tomme cheese

Our Tomme is an uncooked pressed cheese from the Isigny terroir.

Our Tomme is ripened for 3 to 5 months in the cellar on wooden boards to develop its rind and give it a fruity taste and a soft, melting texture.

Our Master Cheesemaker keeps a very close eye on our Normandy Tomme so that it ripens evenly and develops a beautiful rind and a taste specific to our terroir.


Our Isigny Brie

Our Isigny Brie is a soft cheese with a bloomy rind that we leave to drain slowly.

It has a white, velvety rind and a soft, creamy centre with a slightly salty taste.


Our “Abbaye Sainte-Mère” Saint-Paulin

Our “Abbaye Sainte-Mère” Saint-Paulin is a semi-hard, pressed, uncooked cheese with a mild flavour.

It has an attractive yellow-orange rind and a soft texture and lightly salted flavour.

Saint-Paulin is kept in the ripening cellar for five weeks, during which time it develops a mild, delicate flavour on the palate, with a hint of milk.

Fromage Abbaye Sainte Mere


Our Pavé d’Isigny

Production of Pavé d’Isigny began in the 1980s.

Pavé d’Isigny is an uncooked, cream-coloured pressed cheese that is dense yet smooth and soft. Its taste is reminiscent of lightly salted butter.

This very tender cheese can be enjoyed by all the family. Serve cold, melted or hot in a toastie, hamburger or raclette.


PEtit Vey

Petit Vey is a small, round, creamy cheese weighing 150 g.

It is a mild, melt-in-the-mouth, delicate cheese. It has a thin ivory rind that peels away to reveal its meltingly soft yellow centre.

It can be served on a platter or eaten as an everyday quick snack, as part of a family meal or for an aperitif.