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Camembert soup with root vegetables, sealed in with puff pastry lid

Camembert soup with root vegetables, sealed in with puff pastry lid


  • One quarter of an Isigny Sainte-Mère Camembert AOC de Normandie, cut into four pieces
  • An assortment of root vegetables from the garden, such as Hamburg parsley roots, parsnip thinnings, Jerusalem artichokes, golden turnips.
  • 20 decilitres (200 cc) chicken stock
  • A handful of freshly-picked herbs (chives, parsley, chervil)
  • Four circles of puff pastry 8 centimetres in diameter
  • Table salt, freshly-ground pepper and a knob of butter for frying
  • A lightly-beaten egg to brush on the pastry
  • You will also need four small soup bowls or ramekins, 6cm diameter.


Peel and dice your roots in 1cm cubes, sweat them gently in a  skillet with a bit of butter until they soften. Distribute them between the soup bowls or ramekins, adding a piece of cheese, some chopped herbs and enough chicken stock to half fill the ramekins.

Brush a 1cm band around the underside of the pastry lids and press them firmly on to the rims of each ramekin and put them in a cool place to rest, so that the egg seals the bowls.

Preheat the oven to gas mark 6 (180 degrees Centigrade) and use any remaining egg to brush the tops of the pastry lids before they go into the oven.


Cook for abut 10 minutes and serve immediately.

4 persons

Preparation time
15 mn

Cooking time
10 mn