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Our Isigny Butter was awarded the Protected Designation of Origin label in 1986. This constitutes a guarantee of superior quality, a specific terroir and traditional production methods.

It is made exclusively from the finest milks in the Isigny region, which are exceptionally rich in fat, protein and vitamins. It is natural and, of course, contains no stabilisers or other colourants, to preserve its taste and intrinsic characteristics.

Our PDO Isigny Butter has a buttercup colour that changes with the seasons and boasts a delicious hazelnut flavour. It can be melted, mixed, kneaded or moulded. Depending on how it is worked, it can be soft, creamy, firm or melt-in-the-mouth. It can be served with all kinds of dishes and culinary preparations and can take on any shape.

PDO Isigny Butter can also be eaten or used raw, spread on a simple slice of bread or added to a dish. It will add a fresh, creamy and delicate touch to your dishes.

Our PDO Isigny Butter will elevate all your culinary preparations and recipes:

  • In restaurants, our PDO Isigny Butter can be used raw, cooked or to make delicious sauces (for fish or meat) and emulsions.
  • Bakers and pastry chefs use it to give their croissants and pastries a delicious buttery flavour. It is also perfect for making flaky and puff pastries.
  • Biscuit manufacturers use it to efficiently work shortbread or shortcrust pastry. It has unique sensory qualities with a buttery, but also creamy taste.
  • Its ideal fat content will leave your creations soft and prevent them from drying out.
  • The single portion format offers excellent spreadability

Our PDO Isigny Butter is available in a variety of formats for professionals:

  • For the hotel trade, we have designed a single portion format in small 10, 20 or 25 g tubs and 10 g individual pats of butter.
  • For dairy shops and cheesemongers, our 5 kg block of Isigny butter is presented in a wooden basket reminiscent of the butter blocks of long ago.

PDO Isigny Butter can be used to make:

Swiss rolls and log cakes, custard slices, pastries, Saint-Honoré cream puff cakes, Religieuse choux buns, Savarin cakes, choux pastries, tarts or tartlets, rum babas, creams, local or exotic dishes… Let your creativity flow!

The PDO guarantees:

  • Guaranteed origin of the milk (within a 35 km radius around Isigny)
  • Butter made according to a traditional production process
  • Butter that contains no stabilisers, colouring agents or GMOs
  • Rich milk from the Normande breed of cows, in accordance with the PDO specifications.

Available formats and packs:

  • Individual packs of butter in greaseproof paper
  • 10 g individual pats of butter
  • 10 g, 20 g, 25 g tubs with porcelain dishes
  • 250 g and 500 g rolls
  • 5 kg basket
  • 10 kg box (PDO or Organic)
  • 25 kg cube of butter
  • Churned butter